Update of Product Group 38 "Prosthetic Arms"

The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds ind Germany (GKV-Spitzenverband) announced the update of product group 38 "Arm prostheses" in the Federal Gazette on October 5, 2023.

An update includes the review and, if necessary, the revision of the definitions, the product subgroups as well as the product types including the indications.

Requirements, verification procedures and entire structures and categorizations can change during an update. It is worth checking regularly whether a product that was rejected yesterday is not listable today. On the other hand, you must ensure that your products are not deleted as a result of an update. In addition to editorial changes, many changes serve the purpose of clarification.

Product group 38 "arm prostheses" is subdivided as usual into the areas: 

  • Application site 
  • Product subgroup and 
  • Product type. 

In the area of the place of application, a basic subdivision is made into 

  • individual, 
  • custom-made prosthetic components and 
  • industrial, prefabricated prosthetic components.

Within the product subgroups of customized, made-to-measure prosthetic components, a further differentiation is made according to design features. In this context, the four areas 

  • Habitus-, 
  • Intrinsic force-, 
  • External power and 
  • Hybrid passport parts distinguished. 

The service items are used to customize the equipment of the individual, made-to-measure prosthetic components. 

In the product types, the individual, custom-made prosthetic components are differentiated according to the amputation level.

The product subgroups of industrially prefabricated prosthetic components are divided into the three areas of 

  • Passive-, 
  • Self-powered and 
  • Foreign power components 

subdivided distinguished. 

An exception is the application site arm prosthesis structural part/attachment/accessory without specific application site. In the case of the product types of industrially prefabricated prosthetic components, a further subdivision is made according to design features, whereby both the functional aspects of the fitting parts and various design features are addressed.

The individual, custom-made prosthetic components are described in this product group as they are manufactured according to the current state of the art in fitting practice.

Industrially prefabricated prosthetic components (system components) that correspond to the state of the art and are available on the market are listed as individual products in the list of aids.

Profile survey sheet for the fitting of arm prostheses were also defined as part of the update and can be found on the pages of the GKV. Click here to download.

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